Where tomorrow is grown

in the garden of the community. Surrounded by the quietness of the countryside in the Rimini hinterland, where the panorama has an enormous area for fields, fruit and veggie patches, orchards and farmhouses.

It is located a few kilometers from the Community of San Patrignano, this particular sector is in a seven-hectare microcosm that has about seventy residents, between girls and boys who each day share the many tasks required by the care of vegetables, flowers and plants. A small satellite community that has made a livable farm a full-fledged agricultural reality, capable of supplying more channels, from large retailers to private ones, without forgetting the dispensation of the community. Pino D’Acquisto, head of Crops sector, is proud of the professionalism with which the guys carry on so many daily commitments. “Initially the fact of being out of the perimeter of San Patrignano was concerning. But then, crossing the difficulties together, gritting our teeth in the face of challenges, we have created a serene, peaceful environment where everyone feels part of it as it is in the spirit of San Patrignano. ” Boys destined to this field are dedicated to the various activities, sometimes awkward, with enthusiasm. Large open spaces help teamwork, and the growth of food that others will appreciate is a source of gratification. Challenging but healthy, the practice of agriculture leads the boys to become a brotherhood, teaching them that a good sowing followed with care in a favorable environment leads to harvesting good fruits. “We carry out a project in full harmony with nature – emphasizes Pino – crops as well as flowers grow thanks to specific treatments that protect the crop; our agro-ecosystem is based on the principles of the integrated struggle that envisages less environmental impacts instead of pesticides, in order to guarantee more salubrious products. “Strawberries, zucchini, tomatoes, aromatic herbs, cabbage, melons, green beans, fennel, celery: SanPatrignano prefer products that traditionally best fit the characteristics of the local soil. Mostly, the products are sold in largescale distribution, Conad and Iper, “The goal is to enter the platform – adds Pino – to consolidate the channels of large organized distribution.” The smaller part is sold locally, to those who look for vegetables and fruit at zero miles, or is employed for the community dispenser from which lunch is made for the 1300 residents present. In the large greenhouses there are potted plants and flower. Bulbs, seeds, flowers alternate in colored islands at a glance. The girls are often delighted in the art of composition by seeking the harmony of shapes and colors. “We often attend exhibitions dedicated to nursery in spring and autumn, both in Romagna and in other regions such as Umbria, Lazio and Lombardy. There are various occasions in which our residents learn something new. ” The cultivations of San Patrignano also include special essences such as mandarin or melon sage, glacial mint, pineapple or chocolate, thyme lemonade, chives or aglina, exotic coriander and many more. Inebriant scents but also infinite shades of color, thanks to the roses, hydrangeas, ivies and non. “Most often, nowadays youth do not know much about vegetation,” observes the manager of the Crops sector, but often our youngsters are re-engaging either in small farms or farmhouses. This means that today, alongside the new professions, there is a return to land-related jobs, the know-how, can be useful for the market as a source of personal accomplishment.