NGO Side event at CND Inter-sessional Sep 4, 2014

In occasion of the Inter-Sessional meeting of the Commission on Narcotic Drug in Vienna, the VNGOC and the Permanent Mission of Switzerland organized a side event on September 3, 2014. Following the health approach focus, already introduced in the CND 2014. The event titled Addressing Drug Abuse together through a Health Based Approach as part of the International Drug Control Conventions and the selected speakers reflected the variety of civil society voices, work and expertise from the grass root level. The Chair of the CND Amb. Shaama opened the event, followed by the moderation of Martin Matter from the Swiss Mission.

The first speaker Jon Sigfusson illustrated the Youth in Europe- Drug Prevention Programme, modeled after the successful Islandic prevention format. Jamie Bridge from IDPC described harm reduction interventions and health services made available for drug users. Elisa Rubini presented the San Patrignano model and the importance for the member states to look into recovery as a viable social investment. Elisa also showed the video “You have to live it” , produced by the San Patrignano Audiovisual department, conveying the messages in multiple languages of the community residents undertaking the recovery program. Have a look at the video:

The complete program of the event and the presentations of the panelists are available at the UNGASS 2016 thematic website:

All NGOs are encouraged to submit contributions and get in touch with the VNGOC if interested in organizing future events.