WeFree, a discussion on drugs at the middle school Marvelli

The Wefree prevention project that has been developed by the community of San Patrignano, goes all year long with meetings, discussions and performances throughout Italy and within the community are back to Rimini.

Monday morning appointment at the Institute “Marvelli” via Covignano 238, where students attending their third year of middle school will listen to Ivan, Daniele and Marco’s stories, guys from San Patrignano just a little older than they are, that will bring their personal experience’s of drug addiction and talk about the program they have undertaken in the Community to get out.

The Wefree prevention project is focused on a peer to peer process of direct testimony from young people at the end of their path to recovery. It is not easy to tell ones story, but through WeFree the boys and girls from San Patrignano try to transmit their story and emotions hopefully preventing others from committing the same mistakes. The story creates a special dialogue with the students, a transition of experiences that can help you understand the false illusions sold by drugs and share insecurities and uncertainties that every adolescent experiences.

Supported by Ania Foundation and QN, WeFree since 2002 has developed its own format of theatrical prevention with almost 500 shows involving nearly 300 thousand young people; has met with more than 50 thousand students in discussions in more than 1700 schools; San Patrignano each year hosts about 8 thousand students.

For further dialogue go to our website www.wefree.it/en