WeFree, Three days of meetings against drugs

At Castle di Godego, Loria and Resana five meetings between the young people of San Patrignano and students, families, individuals and parishes to talk about addiction and the difficulties of growing up.
WeFree, Three days of Meetings against Drugs Five events in three days to listen to stories from the residents of San Patrignano, who will bring their own personal experience of addiction and explain the route taken into the community to get out.

The meetings are organized by the Parents Association AglAD – a non rofit organization combating drugs within the project “Poor-mind: lack of values, the precariousness of the present and uncertainties of the future” with the students and citizens in Castle di Godego, Loria and Resana.
Monday, December 14th at 20:30 we start with an event dedicated to young people in the Abbey room in Castle di Godego. Participating parishes of the Pastoral Partnership of Castello di Godego.

Tuesday and Wednesday two mornings dedicated to students: on the15th at 8:15 am in the auditorium of the Comprehensive Institute “G.B. Novello” Loria (Via Roma 30) and at 10:30am at the Comprehensive Institute “G. Renier” of Castle di Godego (via Paolo Piazza, 3); on the 16th at 10:30am in the auditorium of the Comprehensive Institute Resana (Via Vittorio Veneto, 22).
Tuesday evening the meeting will also be open to parents and citizens, at 20.30 in the Abbaziale hall of Godego. Participating parishes of the Pastoral Partnership at Castle of Godego.

The WeFree project proposes a peer to peer prevention program focused on the direct testimony of some young people at the end of their recovery path.
It is not easy to talk about, but through WeFree the residents of San Patrignano try to express their stories hoping to prevent others from committing the same mistakes.
The story creates a special dialogue with the students, a transfer of experiences that can help to understand the false illusion sold by drugs and to share the insecurities and uncertainties that every adolescent experiences.

The Treviso appointments are funded by the CSV of Treviso and realized with the partnership of Castle di Godego and Council of the Associations, Association of charity and voluntary-to don Aldo Cagnin NPO, Coordination of the Volunteer Association Castellana, Volunteer Group “Smile” , No Age Limit People’s University and for the Permanent Education of Municipalities of Alta Castellana – Adherent Auser (NPO), Voluntary Association for the Promotion of Social Welfare NPO.