WeFree, a debate focusing on drugs and prevention at the institute "Scarabelli-ghini"

The residents of San Patrignano and the students meet to talk about addiction and adolescents.

It continues in Imola the WeFree campaign, the project of prevention from all forms of dependence that the San Patrignano Community develops every year for the duration of the school term with meetings, debates, discussions and performances throughout Italy.

The event is scheduled for tomorrow morning, Friday, January 29, at the agricultural and chemical engineering Institute “Scarabelli-Ghini” in via Ascari #15. During two consecutive meetings, one with 2nd year students and one with 3rd year students, the students will be able to listen to the stories of Melita and Elisabeth. Two girls from San Patrignano, who are only a few years older than them, who bring their own personal experiences of addiction describing their path into addiction and what it took in community to get out.

The prevention project WeFree advocates a peer to peer exchange focused on the direct testimony of some young residents at the end of their recovery program. It is not easy to tell one’s story, but through WeFree the boys and girls of San Patrignano try to transmit their story hoping to prevent others from committing the same mistakes. This story telling creates a special dialogue with the students, a transfer of experiences that can help to understand the false illusion sold by drugs and to share the insecurities and uncertainties that every adolescent experiences.

Supported by Ania Foundation and QN, WeFree since 2002 has developed its own format of theatrical prevention with almost 500 shows involving nearly 300 thousand young people; has met with more than 50 thousand students in discussions in more than 1700 schools; San Patrignano each year hosts about 8 thousand students.