The WeFree days are back in October

On 11th and 12th of October San Patrignano will host the WeFree Days. An event created by young people for young people, where thousands of students from all over Italy will meet with institutions, with personalities from sports and entertainment to discuss their problems, their difficulties and the problems associated with the drug trade. Searching for solutions through forums and debates and to propose ideas to make the world a better place. (You can find all the information on our forums at this web site .) Over the years we have formed an international network that united the residents of San Patrignano with young people from every corner of the globe who struggle to help adolescents overcome their difficulties, to find a place in the world, to find their own identity. This collaboration led to the creation of workshops through which different forms of art allow children who participate, to express themselves, to characterize, to make a difference and in their own way find their place in the world. (information on the experiences and workshops can be found here .) Networks that aim to collaborate and commit to making the world a better place by using art as a tool for recovery and social integration. Because you can change the world: it depends on us.