Vanessa Beecroft creates something unique for the community

A work of art that gives voice to human vulnerability. A voice that is being formed within the walls of San Patrignano in the coming weeks by the artist Vanessa Beecroft, which will be donated to the community as well as exhibited at the Palazzo dell’Arengo in Rimini.

At a dinner hosted at the end of the first day of the Sustainable Economy Forum, organized by San Patrignano and Confindustria, the artist told the 1300 residents of the community how the idea for this work was formed: “Last September I came to San Patrignano for the first time and as soon as I entered your dining hall I felt the presence of a human capital that fascinated me. I decided to design a work of art, something tangible for the community, not just a performance piece”.

This will be the first time that Vanessa will use both male and female subjects in her work, making this event truly unique. “I’ve always told myself that I could never express myself through a man, which is why I have always used women in my work. But here in San Patrignano I’ve seen that young people have the same vulnerability as women. So I decided to impress their bodies in a clay slab that will then be turned into plaster and exposed as a bas-relief. This is a work that I would never have realized if I had not had the inspiration of this community”.