Turkish Government Ministers on official visit to San Patrignano

Turkish ministry officials were in Rimini to visit the San Patrignano community. A major milestone, today, was reached in the relationship between San Patrignano and the highest levels of Turkish governmental institutions.

Today, a delegation made of Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, Minister of health; Süleyman Soylu, Minister of labor and social security; Sema Ramadanids, Minister of family and social policies visited the facility founded by Vincenzo Muccioli to deepen their knowledge of recuperation method in view of a future replicability in their own country. The main aim of the delegation is its interest in gaining the tools needed to tackle the complex problem of addiction, through San Patrignano’s extensive knowledge and its recovery model, with a view to a closer collaboration in the development of similar projects in Turkey. “”Our starting point, said Minister Müezzinoğlu – was to create a Committee that connects eight different ministries, that can tackle the problem from all angles, starting from its implementation of prevention projects and strengthening protective factors for youth still far from the issue at hand. This first phase will be followed by a second phase, the recovery phase, and the supporting of young people still at the beginning of a process of addiction to enlarge then the intervention to those who because of drugs have exceeded the limits of legality and have committed offenses.” Accompanying them, Kadir Topbaş Mayor of Istanbul and President of UCLG, an organization with headquarters in Barcelona that has as its primary mission the representation of a unified voice to invoke a global democratic self-government of cities.

The visit took place entirely at the communities’ main campus in Rimini, Italy, and is part of an affiliation that started months ago with another visit from junior governmental officials from the Turkish Executive. Some representatives of an important Turkish NGO participated last year at one of the international workshops, developed by the community to introduce its recuperation method to the world, and certainly this experience will be repeated in the future. Doing the honors for San Patrignano: Antonio Tinelli, Coordinator of the Social Committee of San Patrignano; Antonio Boschini, head of community’s therapeutic department and Monica Barzanti, head of international relations. To give direct evidence of life in San Patrignano, Murat, a boy of Turkish origin engaged in the recovery program.