From the tree to the table, San Patrignano signs the Christmas of Unicoop

Trays and Christmas trees in oak, obtained from the recycling of oak barrels used for the aging of wine. Decors in hand-sewn fabric assembling fabrics and materials received from warehouse wastage. The objects created by the Design Lab of San Patrignano return to Unicoop Florence to enter the houses of the members and to give Christmas the charm of the Italian craftsmanship. Not to mention the convenience and social value of these objects from community training laboratories where the 1300 male and female residents, every day struggle for a free future from a lifetime of dependencies.
On each object is kept the story of a resident, their dreams, their hopes. Like in Tommy’s case that before he started his recovery path he felt like if he were waste, an outcast. As an object consumed and has run out of function. Then, once arrived in San Patrignano, someone brought him in the carpentry sector and told him to look at the old wood, once wine barrels, that receiving an unusual treatment. The carpenters are so dedicated and committed to imparting a new form and utility to those barrels. At that exact moment Tommy made his choice. To become a carpenter. For a simple reason. Smoothing and transforming the material that has escaped from being burnt, is a relief and confirmation. The relief and the confirmation that there is always a new possibility. Elegant and sinuous, the Christmas tree is constructed by assembling 27 slats in a geometry game that makes it light and proportioned as a sculpture. The same precious wood also makes trays, ideal for small tastings or for decorating the table. The precious 45-degree construction is hand-made, with simple tools of high cabinetry. The idea of ​​using the recycled materials comes from Barrique’s successful experience. The third life of wood, an experiment that has combined creativity and high craftsmanship as a sign of sustainability. High quality gifts from fashion companies are finally transformed into decorations that can be used to embellish the Christmas trees or as a placeholder or as a small original gift. The models are designed by the girls in the textile lab that this year have been inspired by the world of nature with reference to shapes and symbols that have more to do with Christmas.