The timeless nature of music unites the SanpaSingers with the Pepita Orchestra

With the chorus of the community, the SanpaSingers, they created a show in which they performed two songs, “Ave Verum Corpus” and an excerpt of “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff. The two groups have been practicing separately for a few months now, coming together only in the last few days for practices before the performance. “The fusion of different experiences was fluid, possibly for a harmony of views,, humanly and musically speaking,” says SanpaSingers Director Marco Galli. «Also the musicians were very young, eight to thirteen years of age, and I witnessed my guys act like their older siblings».
The Orchestra Pepita is a part of the Children in Crisis project, created in 2008 in the suburbs of Milan. Inspired by “El Sistema” the Juvenile Orchestra created in Venezuela in the seventies by Maestro José Antonio Abreu, with the objective of getting the kids off the streets at least few a few afternoon during the week, helping them to discover a different way of living with others, the sharing of a passion. Using the same philosophy Pepita grew, to now involve 51 kids from the ages of 8 to 19 years of age, completely free of charge. «Those who join our group do not come from conservatories or music schools, often they are kids who are just interested in the fact that we give an excellent tutelage until they are ready to join the orchestra – tells the Children in Crisis President Barbara Baird Bonomi – The kids have other life plans, and we are just an important part and unexpected experience of living together as if in a large family, united with the same objectives».
The Orchestra organizes concerts, they performed at the Castello Sforzesco, the municipality of Milan and in various hospitals. “Our aim is not to create professionals, but as in all things in life, like you do every day at San Patrignano, we strive for excellence,” says Barbara. «Our musicians, despite their ages, commit to the task in a very serious manner, stimulated by the fact that the study of their instrument is not an end in itself, but is only a piece of a larger puzzle of instruments that together can give off a powerful energy, so strong is this energy that it goes beyond just the orchestra and into the personal relationships among kids». in_evidenza comunicati