A thousand hours to become Intermediate Care Technician

In San Patrignano one can become a professional Intermediate Care Technician. Twenty youths from all over Italy can say so, including a Belarussian, a Serbian and a Colombian, who during their recovery program in community decided to become ICT thanks to EASL , International Liver Foundation, a European association of medical hepatologists. A training for a total of 1000 hours divided into 13 modules spread over a period of ten months.

“It’s definitely a great opportunity for the youths – explains Lorenzo Luciani, head of training in San Patrignano – the Intermediate Care Technician is a very sought-after job, it requires specific skills and attention to others. This is already  part of the educational process. The course fulfills, with the completion of the certificate, the motivation for the youth to carry out a profession based on caring”.

The teaching methods will include: theoretical and practical lessons, case studies, simulations and practical exercises for different types of care with different types of patients. The course includes two different internships, one on the  social and health aspects of health care work. The social part will involve the inpatient ward of the Medical Center of San Patrignano, with patients suffering from pathologies deriving from the use of substances and the Infermi Hospital of Rimini, for the sanitary part.

The social health worker is a qualification recognized by the Emilia-Romagna Region for those who perform activities aimed at care and provides nursing support for the basic care.