Thoughts and words

Knowing how to listen to yourself and knowing how to listen to others is really important. Knowing how to listen to others advice but knowing how to dicern the judgement of other and their influence on us.

Many times we are afraid to show our vulnerabilities for fear of being teased, not realizing that by doing this we get lost and forget about ourselves.
These are the messages that were left by the middle school G.Leopardi who were here with us on the 15th of December.

“I personally had an experience similar to that of Albert. Even I am teased and are not appreciated. Today they’ve helped me realize that problems can be overcome and I am convinced that I will never use drugs. I really admire those who are here because they have overcome this problem and are now good people and confident. I also liked the atmosphere of unity “

“I think that friends are crucial and important. A friend in my opinion should always be by your side and believe in you and what you do if it’s the right thing to do”

“After this meeting I realized that a parents help is crucial …”

“I was very impressed by the goodwill of Alberto in explaining his problems”

“Today what really hit me was when we entered the theater and I heard the story of Alberto, I was moved because he had felt isolated, a liitle in “society”, but I’ll never make a mistake like that”


” You can get lost for lack of love?”

“Thank you for your story, so I’ll try not to fall into the same trap”

“I think drugs are the effect of something and they are something you take for one reason or another, and those who take them think they are doing better but it isn’t like that.

“I think that thanks to the drugs and the effect they have it will ruin you and that thanks to this community we can give hope to those who are lost”

“One thing that I think about friendship is that it is a constant self acceptance, also made of despite because you have to accept a friend despite the character and despite the person, even if they are not the same as the others”

“Alberto’s story made me think about how important it is to identify with those people who are maybe having more difficulties to make them feel good because they don’t get to do certain things”

“The part of Alberto story tat struck me was that despite all his troubles, today he is a boy like any other”

“What struck me about the story is that Alberto was feeling helpless and sometimes even I feel helpless”

“The story of Albert moved me a bit. I liked the part when he finally recovered what he had lost “

“Many times its happened that I felt like him like feeling excluded, however, I always try not to show anyone that I’m feeling bad because then maybe they’ed continue to tease me”

“I would try to ask them what’s wrong, because it’s nice to make new friends”

“I was impressed by their stories and I can’t believe that people like you guys that are so good and kind may have had such troublesome and dark past, but I’m glad you were able to get out of it and now are at the service of young people who have passed through some of the same things.”

“I touched me a lot the story of Alberto because it seems strange to me and I never thought a guy, with such a close family, just for the sport he played and his physical appearance can enter the tunnel of drugs and that it took years and years to find the exit, but the others also affected me and how in this society they are so close”

“They touched me a lot with their stories because they seemed very interesting and a good lesson. I’ll try to remember it for my future”

“I was struck by the willingness of Alberto and the other guys who were ablo to get out of this situation”

“Friendship is accepting a person for what they are”

“You are great guys, very nice. Your joy to live is something admirable, your smiles transmit much more than your words. Continue to cultivate your passions and chase your dreams “

“Thank you for your testimony, it will remain in our hearts”

“If I saw someone set apart I will decide to help depending on who that person is and how they behave towards me, but not only for the purpose of receiving something in the end”

“In the story of the girl who is alone, I would go to help her”

“I liked the video and lunch because I met and listened to people that I didn’t know”

“If I saw someone set apart I would try to help them. Maybe because sometimes I feel lonely, maybe because I can not stand to see anyone suffer. Friendship, to me, is supporting each other and to want always like each other no matter what, and trying to help each other without thinking of a reward, and to never judge”

“Living life with responsibility and respect for themselves”