A thought for us

We are free when we live life and face the difficulties that are presented to us, and we must not pretend not to see all that is around us. We don’t have to run, running from reality that seems too big for one person and makes us close up in our own small world, dirty and suffering setting up a false line to follow in life.It was really beautiful and fascinating to discover how this community works and what it offers to residents. Besides the work San Patrignano offers, it offers much more, a new life, a new soul, a new spirit, saves lives that seem impossible to save. Helps these guys gain the will to live and the want to stay in this world that they had once lost.

Looking into the eyes of these students while recounting our stories, our experiences, made me think. On one side you see pain, sadness and fear but on the other see hope, life, satisfaction and pride because change has taken place, lives were saved form the nightmare. They are an example of strength, courage because it is not easy to completely change their lives; it is not easy to do it on your own and now to do everything without being dependent on something.

In their words you could feel the suffering and difficulties that they have experienced. It is amazing at San Patrignano they are able to turn their past from a nightmare to a strong point of maturing and also it’s fascinating how it saves and gives strength to each person form the self-destruction that we underwent, more physical than mentally, that killed us inside, deep in thought, feelings and to see them now, maybe it’s too late but now we have become real men and real people with a real life which was is unthinkable but now its true.

This is awesome and shows that it is never too late to grow up, it is never too late to start all over from scratch, it’s never too late to take back you’re life, their soul, indeed it is hard but now I understand that you should never give up. Never take the little things lightly and that in life…there must be life”.