Theatre of Casale Monferato and the San Patrignano residents recount their stories…


A show that aims to provide insight on drug addiction.With the residents speaking directly to the audience, describing how they escaped the depths of dependence and all thanks to the recovery program at San Patrignano.

Organized by the Community of San Patrignano and the Casale Monferrato Rotary Club, “The Mirror – fragments of a sour tale” (Lo Specchio – Frammenti di una favolacida) Will be held at the Casale Monferrato Theatre Hall (piazza Castello 9) on Wednesday the 2nd of March, In a double showing (10:00 am and 21:00 pm).

The protagonists… the “WeFree” project are residents that have reached the end of their recovery program. The project is represented through music, movies and direct testimony. A true story of todays drug addict, where drugs are experienced and are perceived as the tools for having fun. Narrating on the Piedmontese stage will be Melita, a 26-year-old girl who first came into contact with drugs as a teenager and then suffered with addiction. A dependence she had overcome thanks to the recovery program at San Patrignano.

During the course of the show the life of Melita is told by a slide show of mirrors which are the most important moments of her life, from childhood to her relationships with friends, from the first concerns of her solitude, from self-destruction to her rebirth. With three interpretations by Melita: the witness, the actress and the singer, her story is told. Her testimony is portrayed by videos, images and expressive music, led by the conductor, actor and director Pascal la Delfa.

The show includes an insight into the world of social media and ends with a touching moment of “catharsis” that involves the whole audience. This builds a dialogue with the youth, which you can see more on the website In the words of Claudio Lanteri (President of the Casale Moferrato Rotary Club) – was heavily involved and committed on the creation of this theatre show. “The hard path of rebuilding themselves, regaining the will to live and recovering emotional relationship is deepening and compelling.”

In short, a great event held in Casale Monferrato, which is strongly backed by the City of Casale Monferrato and Schools (Institutes Balbo – Leardi – Sobrero). Supported by the Cooperativa Elleuno, Distilleries of Rosignano, Medical and Dental Center(Lanteri and Angelino), Stat, Banca of Piemonte, Dealership Grignoglio, EuroMAC and Bcube. “The Mirror – fragments of a sour tale” will be showed at 10:00 am ( Free admission reserved for schools) and the second showing will be at 21:00 (fee for all citizens). Tickets (10 € for adults, 5 € for under 30s) are only available in advance at the “Stat Travel” agencies (Via Roma 191) and “Saxon Travel” (Via Saffi 1).