Sustainable energy in accordance with Enel

, speaking in the afternoon of 10 April to Positive Economy Forum in San Patrignano. The subject of the panel, “a more inclusive and sustainable growth in Europe”, a topic that is close to the company that produces energy and that has a major impact, with its hydro-electric power, on the territory. “It is fundamental to the social role of the company.» said Grieco. “I know perfectly well that the goal of every company is profit, but it requires first and foremost the economic sustainability, which also means safety, care and respect for the environment, positive relations with local communities.
Energy is life – stated the President – but it comes at a cost. In the world we have a billion people who do not have access and another that have it intermittently. “We need a new model of energy-added Grieco – Today, Enel has arrived at 40% of renewable energies, but they cannot be stored and must be managed. The world-continued-hungry sustainable electricity». The President stressed the importance of philanthropy and Enel’s heart, ‘ which I have the honour of chairing and which she has also collaborated with San Patrignano. And Italy? “We are very interested in our country, where we are the main actor, but we are also very interested in making energy outside of Italy”. In any further development of Enel, the President stated: “our plan says we have two key growth areas: renewable, where we’re growing very and innovations on the networks, already highly innovative. Then a growth plan, I do not know whether to call it acquisitions, but certainly a growth plan toward the west”. comunicati lh_15