A Sustainable Economy that supports developing countries

The two days of the Sustainable Economy Forum are over. The main topics discussed were social cooperation, social inclusion and social finance, all of which form part of a new developmental model proposed by San Patrignano and Confindustria.

Over the course of two days, a business plan was created with the aim of helping developing countries, results of the first edition of the ‘Sustainable Economy Forum’, which was hosted by San Patrignano, promoted by Confidustria and supported by BMW Italia, Eni, Gruppo 24 Ore, IGPDecaux, Intesa San Paolo. The National Microcredit Agency partnered the event, under the patronage of the Cariplo Foundation and the contribution of the CRT foundation. The two-day study on sustainable economics saw more than 60 speakers discussing different issues in front of an audience of over 500 spectators each day.

Letizia Moratti, co-founder of the San Patrignano Foundation, and Vicenzo Boccia, President of Confindustria were there to close the event. Together they launched a project platform, on which they aim to develop three key concepts: private-private partnerships, the development of social finance instruments and the formation of a more inclusive and socially minded form of finance.

“First and foremost with the development of private-private partnership projects, we are keen to take full advantage of the 17 goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda by favoring the growth of a subsidiarity-based system and rewarding those who act with social objectives in mind – explained Dr. Moratti and the President Boccia – The joint project provides support for entrepreneurship in developing countries through the creation of a network with small and medium-sized Italian entrepreneurs who, through tutorship and mentoring mechanisms, support the growth of businesses premises in Africa. We will be able to count on an extremely wide range of entrepreneurs and the round table discussions we have had over the last two days have confirmed that there is a desire to do business in developing countries, which is something we would like to help cultivate”.

The second pillar of this initiative is based on social inclusion. “For us social inclusion means job training and work. Management of migratory flows is a problem that requires a systemic response, especially on the issue of the integration of migrants. Each of us is called to do our part and together we intend to contribute responsibly. The goal is to support training courses and projects that will integrate migrant workers into Italian companies, an initiative that we hope will become a widespread and replicable practice in other countries. We also hope to involve as many women as possible, in response to the many requests we have received on the issue of female empowerment. Both men and women will be able to integrate better in our country. They will also be important resources of absolute value if they decide to return to their countries of origin”.

Lastly, the theme of social finance in support of developing countries was touched on. “Our common goal is to support green bonds in Africa. Both San Patrignano and Confindustria will finance investments aimed at promoting environmental sustainability in Africa. We are also looking to involve the UN Economic Commission for Africa, with the idea of them sponsoring the project. African financial institutions will issue the bonds, and the money raised will be used to finance Italian and African companies that produce green technology, as well as companies that encourage investment towards sustainable development. What has been shared here at the Forum over the last two days will help guide our future investments, as well as those of other investors and companies looking to finance sustainable projects”.

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