"Wefree" and CRT Foundation debating at Piemonte schools

Six stopovers across the Piedmont region, seven debates and two shows, approximately 2500 students in the 9th grade and high school will be involved. They are all being part of the prevention project WeFree promoted by the CRT Foundation and the collaboration with the San Patrignano Community to form and be part of the Diderot project. The initiative, which opens on Thursday the 11th of February aims to tackle youth problems by promoting a culture of prevention and the misinterpretation of dependency as well as educating the possibility of building a drug free world. The project aims to provide students with the content, tools, and incentives for preventing the use of narcotic drugs and to educate them for more vigilant lifestyle.

The first stop – Thursday morning at the Theatre Toselli of Cuneo, where another 500 students attended Lo Specchio (The Mirror), the theatrical Wefree prevention project organized by the residents of San Patrignano to raise awareness among youth on the subject of addiction. Narrating is Melita, 27 years olds, she was barely a teenager when the tunnel of addiction started and defeated this addiction after the finishing the recovery program at San Patrignano. Thoughts, memories and emotional songs: The life of Melita is told like a slide show of mirrors which represent the most important moments of her life, between a strong emotional force and moments of self-exploration. This builds up for an enhanced narrative videos clips and live music, marked and conducted by the director and actor Pascal La Delfa. The story creates a special dialogue with students, a passage of experiences that could help the false illusion sold by drugs and to share in their insecurities and uncertainties that every teenager experiences.

Next stop – Friday the 12th at the Centre Cultural San Secondo di Asti, where nearly 230 students will participate in two debates, where some of the residents who are at the end of their program will recount their stories. After the students will engage in dialogue with Wefree students answering questions and clarifying on the themes set by the students.

Wednesday 24th of February the date is set at Vercelli, where the Archbishop’s seminary auditorium San Gaudenzio will host two debates totaling 300.

Thursday 25th of Februarythe will reach Turin, where the show of prevention “the mirror” will be staged at the theatre Nuovo for almost 900 students.

Thursday 3rd of March in Alessandria, with two debates at the San Baudolino involving 400 students.

The last series of debates will be held on Friday, the 4th of March at the Industrial Technical Institute G.Fauser in Novara.

With these, “experiences” students will have the opportunity to build a real awareness of the dangers and consequences related to drug use; creating a space for reflection on individual responsibility towards a path of improvement and reconstruction of society; to stimulate young people into behaviors and lifestyles away from the risk of embarrassment, alienation and the use of psychoactive substances, to lay a foundations for a positive future and to have a responsible role in society.

For years the San Patrignano community alongside the recovery for drug addiction prevention campaign “WeFree,”, since 2002 it has developed its own theater format for prevention with almost 500 performances involving almost 300 thousand young people and met more than 50 thousand students in meetings and debates at more than 1,700 schools; as well as nearly 8 thousand students visiting San Patrignano each year. Follow more at www.wefree.it.

The Diderot project of the foundation CRT, now in its eleventh edition, offers students of all primary and secondary education institutions of I and II degree of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. Giving new opportunities for learning and gaining knowledge, as well as enriching and strengthening basic education offered by schools and spreading the basic values of civil society. Have already taken part in the Diderot project and reaching about 26.000 classes, 37.000 teachers and 526,000 students, with a total investment of over 15 million euros by the CRT Foundation.

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