The social commitment of Kerry Kennedy, Antonella Antonelli and Brunello Cucinelli rewarded last night in San Patrignano

Inside the event, whose partners are Banca Carim, Aon and Bmw Italy, the daughter of Robert Kennedy, who for years now has been engaged in the protection of human rights through the “Robert f. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation”, told the story of her experiences in a crowded auditorium full of residents of the community: “When I was in college I discovered the ‘ Declaration of human rights’, I understood that I could contribute to the change. It is also in this way that I coped with the many unfortunate things that happened in my life”. Describing the activities of her foundation she also explained her idea of courage: “I believed courage existed in three types. To those who fight to overcome the injustice against its own people, to those whose commitment goes beyond national borders and those who demonstrate moral courage, willing to say that what you are doing is wrong. Here in San Patrignano I discovered the fourth type, the courage to dig down in your soul, face the demons and find the strength to change your life.”

The next to be awarded was another woman, Antonella Antonelli, editor of Marie Claire Italy and Chairman of The Circle Italy, for her efforts on behalf of women in difficulty around the world: “There are two types of initiatives that we promote, those ‘By the Circle’, namely fundraising campaigns, raising awareness and actions that involve us directly, and ‘Powered by the Circle’ where we sponsor the work of third parties in favor of women’s rights. A constant six-year commitment has reached important results. “Women are critical to the country’s growth: today in many countries women make up 43% of the workforce in the manufacturing of the lands, but less than 20 percent of the land is owned by women. If the integration allowed them to have more space within the companies it would be able to increase production by an average of 25% and increasing the GDP from 9 to 16%. For this we will continue to strive in this direction. “

Only man on stage and third award of the night was Brunello Cucinelli, Chairman of Brunello and Federica Cucinelli foundation. An enlightened entrepreneur who became really excited by the boys and girls of the community that he had already addressed at dinner in the dining room, remembering why he committed socially: “I come from a farming family. For 15 years I had in my mind and nose the colors and smells of nature. Then things changed when we went to live in town. My father went to work in a factory, but he came home offended and humiliated. It was there that I thought about doing something about human dignity». And then his education among the people: «Up to 25 years I didn’t do anything, I didn’t finish college but I did get 10 years of experience of life as a bartender, in the country. If only the owner had paid contributions… That was the true University of life because there I found who listened to me really. St. Augustine said, Lift up your eyes to the sky and life will seem better”. And then the closing he dedicated to the residents of the community: “You’re going through a period of life where you face the evil of the soul. I would urge you to imagine the better world that is coming. This is the century where mind and soul must merge, where the ideas of Voltaire must blend with those of Rousseau. Marcus Aurelius before going into battle against the Germans told his soldiers Rome needs you. Behold, we need you tomorrow and may your soul be the source of great thoughts».