Senator Fedeli visits San Patrignano

Among these, the mayor of Coriano Domenica Spinelli, the president of the commission Rights and equality for the people of the region Emilia-Romagna, Roberta Mori, a representative from the group Women of the Pd for the province of Rimini, Sonia Alvisi, and local parliamentarian Tiziano Arlotti.

Accompanied by Franz Vismara e Monica Barzanti from San Patrignano, The senator Fedeli was able to observe several of the sectors of the community from close up, like the kindergarten, The minor center for females, textiles and the medical center. “San Patrignano is a very important community and I was absolutely impressed by all that I was able to see – said the vice-president of the senate at the end of her visit.

– Something that truly impressed me is how every single individual is followed, taught and stimulated to grow in their program of recovery, like I also witnessed the hard work and slice of life approach taken. San Patrignano is a community that has been projected to help the futures of young men and women.

And the success rates of reinsertion both economically and socially are very impressive, with 72% of those completing the program being completely recovered, of which women play a big role. I was touched, in the end, by the quality of the structures and grounds, it created a positive and welcoming atmosphere, that goes hand in hand with the hard work necessary to complete the program”.