SanPatrignano joined in the memory of Vincenzo Muccioli

The community commemorates its founder 22 years after his death


On the 19th of September, 22 years ago, the community of San Patrignano lost its founder, Vincenzo Muccioli. Since then, every year at this date all sectors, offices, and the community’s workshops, stop to remember him through a Mass. A most certainly felt, commemoration attended by the whole community and the associations. On this occasion, the quire has sang while some footages of Vincenzo’s life, were seen.


The current 1300 guests, the representatives of the satellite associations from all over Italy, the parents, some former residents of 10, 20, 30 years ago, have met today at the commemoration during which Don Fiorenzo, the priest of San Patrignano, has served the Mass.


“The anniversary mass here at San Patrignano is the occasion to recover memories, little treasures that Vincenzo scattered while he was alive. Useful to face the program we face as he meant it to be” said the pastor, recalling the figure of Muccioli. With the coming of 2018, thoughts have gone to the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Community.” The witnessing that Muccioli has brought up to now, has been passed on, following his values ​​and responsibly.” Today’s SanPatrignano, using the educational scheme, continues to be inspired by the values ​​embodied in him, in the struggle against marginalization, never up to compromises such as legalization. Continuing to be a constructive and effective response against addictions in society.