Sanpanews magazine issue of November describes the 10th edition of the Wefree days

Voices for Growth “out  soon in the homes of the  subscribers. Although only in Italian, A special issue dedicated to our most important event of the year, that will be focused. This is the WeFree Days that on the 10th and the 11th of October has hosted 3000 students from all over Italy. At the it “Depends on us” section you will find the story and the chronicle of the most important meetings and moments that marked this tenth edition.

In “Drugs and Young Students: A Serious Problem” and in “Adolescence Between Diversity and Homologation”, you can see the balance of what emerged during debates hosted within the Forum space. In this context, politicians, teachers and professionals engaged in dependencies have been confronted with key themes such as school and adolescence. Among the speakers there were also the Minister of Education Valeria Fedeli.

There are stories that can spark the passion for life. The students during the Forumio meetings, had the opportunity to attended this. They confronted themselves with characters of culture and entertainment like Giovanni Terzi, Saturnino Celani, Paola Perego and Daniel Nilsson. In “passionate voices” the chronicle of these engaging dialogues.

Wide space had been dedicated to interviews. Those people had faced the limits and difficulties of life and have made a difference. “To what extent?” Paralympic athlete Andrea Devicenzi tells his own story of the tragic accident that changed his life when only 17 years. A testimony of great strength of mind and determination. “Simply Anna” is the human adventure of the Marangoni family who, with affection and tender irony, has managed to embrace her daughter’s disability with great spirit..

Obviously, the whole of it has a photographic reportage, of the activities and of the experiences. Of the international and national realities that have made art and sport a weapon to combat discomfort and social exclusion. Charismatic and enthusiastic people have involved students in numerous interactive workshops. Through dance, theater, music they offered many alternatives to the getting high idea. Inviting those there to enter a new and different world. A world in which feelings are neither artificial nor fleeting, but true and lasting.