“Drug consumption among younger ones is increasing”

San Patrignano’s outlook:

On the 30th Global Day against drugs, the community launches the initiative “Do it with the heart” in Support of the drug prevention project

  • Ever more younger ones have asked for help in 2016 to San Patrignano
  • With “Do it with the Heart“, San Patrignano launches its prevention project intended for over 50,000 youths a year
  • During the week of the 30th Global Day against drugs, it will be possible to make a donation to support the project “Do it with the heart” in return there will be a chili pepper plant from San Patrignano, the transaction can be done at any Italian franchisee of UBI Bank

This problem is increasing dramatically amongst the youths. The first global day against drugs happened 30 years ago on June the 26th, the “San Patrignano’s outlook” data say it clear with regards to the consumption trend amongst youths.

Analyzing the data on the 517 drug addicts who were welcomed in 2016, also considering those who entered to the pre-community in Botticella near Rimini and those who entered San Patrignano, the average age of those who requested assistance dropped to 28, one less than the previous year. 77.4% of new entrants are under 35, and if the average is kept high due to the 66 ones who are over 40, it is also true that only in 2016 there were 32 minors that entered, 11 girls and 21 boys, two more than those in 2015. This latter figure reflects on the precocity with which young people approach the substances.

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing a further increase this year – explains San Patrignano’s president Antonio Tinelli – In the middle of the year, 20 young people were already in community and I fear we will far exceed the data of the previous two years. Youths are increasingly lacking references and for this reason, working on prevention is indispensable. Every year, with our WeFree project, we meet 50,000 students across Italy. This gives birth to moments of confrontation and reflection demonstrating how precious it can be for the youths and their professors. ”

The project “Do it with the heart” created by San Patrignano and UBI Bank in conjunction with the 30th Global day against drugs is dedicated to the WeFree drug prevention project. From the 26th to 30th of June. Anyone can make a donation in favor of the project at the nearest franchisee of UBI bank. Who will make a donation will receive a chili pepper plant, symbol of passion and taste for life, accompanied by a recipe of the three starred chefs who joined the project, Igles Corelli, Rosanna Marziale and Gualtiero Marchesi.

The San Patrignano prevention project is aimed for the last year of middle school and for those in High school, the most critical age. According to the data from the “outlook of San Patrignano 2017“, the average age of first contact with substances is at 14 years of age, it most often starts with hashish and marijuana with a rapid escalation to other substances, passing to ecstasy, hallucinogens and amphetamine, then getting cocaine (18 years) and heroin (19 years). Binge drinking is also common to 36% of newly arrived residents.

The examination of the data reveals the growing frequency of poly-consumption, a condition of normality for 87.6% of people that have recently entered in Community. Cocaine remains the most widely used substance with 90.3%, other newly entered residents had been consuming cannabis (88.8%), and then 59.6% of newly entered residents had been using heroin and 54.3% ecstasy. However, if you look at the primary addiction, that is, the main substance/drug of choice, for which one enters in community, heroin leads all with its 46% of residents that had consumed it, cocaine adds up 37%, and the rest is subdivided among other substances. It is important to point out how 20 residents who entered in 2016 had cannabis as their primary dependence. It’s interesting to see how 68% of those never injected substances, confirming a change, but not a drop in the mode of taking substances, particularly cocaine and heroin.

Many residents that had entered in 2016, also had a mother or a father with an addiction, precisely 126, of which 20 with both parents, this is to point out how much the family context is crucial to the growth of a youth following a possible addiction problem. Unfortunately, among the newly entered ones some are parents themselves, precisely 98 (almost 19%), including 91 fathers and 7 mothers. Of these, only a mother has entered community with her child, added to the others already being present.

Lastly, it is important to note that in San Patrignano (72 residents), come from Tuscany, (64) Emilia Romagna, (51) Veneto followed by Marche, Sardinia, Lombardy and Campania, in each region there are more than 30 entrances, this is most certainly linked to the presence of associations close to the Community in those territories. 30 Foreigners entered, of which 12 from the European Union and 18 non-EU countries (4 United States, 3 Morocco, 3 Albania, 2 Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tunisia), Oceania is the only absent continent.