From San Patrignano to the UN for the Laboratory of Young Diplomats

Three residents of the community went to New York to simulate UN jobs.


When arriving to San Patrignano, those who enter are close to death, then they rediscover the will to talk and now find themselves talking at the United Nations Glass Palace in New York at the ‘Change the World Model United Nations‘. It’s a fable that has become reality, three residents who have just finished the program, flew to the United States with another 2000 students from 100 different countries, they simulated the qualities what takes to be ambassadors of the United Nations state member as well as ministers and Prime Minister of the G8, G20, World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

‘Matteo, Alice and Cristiano are former residents of San Patrignano, in New York they can open up and compare with peers coming from different backgrounds. It is our duty to thank Ambassador Daniele Bodini for the trust and opportunity offered,’ explains Davide Pugliese of San Patrignano who had accompanied them on the trip.

It had been a memorable experience-taking place on Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th of March; it has projected them on the desks of the decision-makers of the planet, resembling the mechanism and dynamics of the main UN Commissions. Organized by the Diplomatic Association, this was an opportunity consisting of students, university teachers, schools and young professionals. An incredible experience for the residents of the community that has been made possible for the fourth consecutive year by Friends of San Patrignano and the Diplomatic Association itself.


The main theme of the Change the World Model UN New York 2017 conference will be ‘Africa in Motion Migrations, Economic Growth and Conflicts’. The CWMUN inauguration ceremony is the most representative and emotionally engaging moment for participants, and is held every year in the United Nations General Assembly. Likewise, simulation works are entirely within the structure of the UN Secretary General, the historic headquarters of New York. The San Patrignano residents were assigned the representation of two states: Nepal and Libya. They have thoroughly studied the countries to be able to become an official spokesperson for the specific topic they will deal with in the commission they have entered. At the end, just like in the UN work, each delegate will have to read its position paper to express its country’s position on certain themes. An enthusiastic engagement from the involved guys who will be able to confront New York in an international context in which develop a knowledge of multilateral diplomacy and strengthen negotiating skills, problem solving, and positive leadership.