San Patrignano with its show of prevention conquers Naples’ youth

Today in Naples, at the theater Mediterraneo, 600 Neapolitan students have followed the show “Lo Specchio” (The mirror) of the WeFree prevention project, thanks to the support of Sky Italia, in collaboration with the Municipality of Naples

A theatrical show that spoke of redemption, of the desire to start again after a difficult past, it has strongly affected the Neapolitan students.

As many as 600 were those who filled the theater Mediterraneo to hear the stories of rebirth of Melita, Martina and Gennaro, reborn again thanks to the San Patrignano community, in an initiative strongly desired by the Municipality of Naples and made possible also with the support of Sky Italia.

The show “Lo Specchio, (The Mirror) with fragments of a favol @ cida” realized as part of the WeFree prevention project involved not only students, but also several representatives of the civil society of the territory.

“The guys on stage have been great at showing themselves as if naked – said at the end of the show Annabella Marcello, director of the ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ in the Poggioreale district – it is important that the schools participated this morning, because the school must become the privileged places for listening and confrontation “.

Among the spectators there also was Antonio Mattone of the Community Sant’Egidio, author of the book ‘And now the ball passes to me’ (E adesso la palla passa a me): “This is what a guy told me, he was finishing to serve his sentence in prison – he said – ‘ Taking responsibility, the same as that of the protagonists of this show. And as they taught us, the turning point in every story begins when we start fighting. ”

A show in which Gennaro, a Neapolitan boy who is finishing his program, that then will return to Naples. A city that requires the commitment of everyone to redeem themselves, as It has been told by Emilia Leonetti of the Vivoanapoli association: “It is a city that oscillates between the beauty of the place and the abandonment and lack of care. The school in this is fundamental in helping children to become aware of what they can do for their city “.