San Patrignano, Shalom Movement and Unicoop Florence working together for Burkina Faso

Today in San Patrignano at the Positive Economy Forum, The Burkina Faso project has been discussed. The project emerged in the collaboration between San Patrignano Community, Shalom Movement and Unicoop Florence.

Antonio Tinelli, the Social Committee Coordinator of San Patrignano, Luca Gemignani, director of the Shalom Movement and Claudio Vanni – Unicoop Florence Head of External Relations, came on stage representing the three bodies. “From next week we will host two guys from Koupela in Sanpa – said Tinelli – so that they can freely get an education within the community, learning the craft of as a baker. The goal is to create skills, that these young people can take home with them, thanks to activities such as a pizzeria and a bakery, which Unicoop Florence and Shalom Movement have already started in some cities.”

Gemignani and Vanni explained that without a decisive action to promote development in countries of the southern hemisphere, which investing in schools, facilities and training workshops seem impossible to aspire the improvement of these areas where violence and abuse happen daily. “With this initiative we aim to promote the development of these areas – said the director of the Shalom movement – The business income coming from bakeries and pizzerias, that we funded and launched, serve to support orphanages, kindergartens and job training projects”.

Vanni, Manager of Unicoop Florence, concluded saying “The need to design projects in those places, is so that the inhabitants of disadvantaged areas of the southern hemisphere are not forced to emigrate to other countries to seek work and a better life” he also told Unicoop initiatives, which “has promoted the meetings in more than 50 middle schools in Italy, where students and young immigrants, spoke of their own stories of suffering and deprivation.”