San Patrignano at the Science and Technology in Society forum in Kyoto

At the meeting, based on the recognition that the earth is becoming finite for the activities of humankind in the 21st century, participants reflected on how to strengthen the “lights” and control the “shadows” of science and technology. We considered the future of humanity and the sustainable development of society over a longer-term perspective, thinking of what the future will be like not just in twenty or thirty years’ time, but over 100 or 500 years from now.
In the panel on the theme “Connecting science and technology with society and politics” intervened between the speakers Letizia Moratti, co-founder of the Foundation San Patrignano. The innovations in one part of the world should be linked to others that need them, thereby ensuring that sustainable solutions spread throughout the planet. Supporting education, research and local entrepreneurship is essential for capacity-building in developing countries. Cooperation among industries focusing on science and technology in the global economy today is increasingly important, while global competition among industries is the key to encouraging innovation.
The STS Forum in Kyoto followed the workshop “Innovation and Sustainability in Food, Water and Environment” held in Italy for the first time concurrently with the Japan Day during the Expo 2015. Along the lines of the core theme of the Expo, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, the workshop was devoted to food, water and the environment.
The Science and Technology in Society (STS) forum aims to provide a new mechanism for open discussions on an informal basis, and to build a human network that would, in time, resolve the new types of problems stemming from the application of science and technology. The forum community will also explore the opportunities arising from science and technology, and address how to remove the barriers to using science and technology to solve the problems facing humankind.
Participants should also undertake cross-border activities towards the establishment of shared values and commitment for the future. in_evidenza comunicati