San Patrignano runs under Big Ben

For them an important, redemptive opportunity, and for the community an opportunity to catch up with some ex-residents who’ve relocated to the city.

There’s no two without three. The San Patrignano Running Team this Sunday for the third year in a row will be on the starting line in Greenwich Park to face the 42.195 kilometer race in the most important competition organized in the capital of the United Kingdom.

Just another chance for the community to show that recovery from addiction and achieving one’s goals are possible.

Not only a fascinating challenge but a strong educational tool.

There will be eight residents on the team sponsored by Cimberio and Kappa, who will take part in the race, accompanied by Antonio Boschini, head of the medical department in the community, along with Danny McCubbin, head of the London-based Association of San Patrignano. «These are guys who have discovered or rediscovered a passion for running and now face off for the first time with this great event – explains Dr. Antonio Boschini – in San Patrignano the team continues to pursue, with great pleasure, the training technics set forth by Dr. Gabriele Rosa and for our kids participating in this event has a very special meaning. It is the essence of life one they had almost thrown away.

Also while in London it’ll be nice to reunite with so many guys who have restarted their lives after finishing at San Patrignano. Thanks to the efforts of Danny McCubbin and the community, there are now more than twenty young people who after finishing their program in San Patrignano, have chosen to face the challenge of working on the other side of the channel, where they have found new opportunities for personal growth».

The London Marathon is a very important project and fundraising tool for the community. You are still in time to help with your donation by going to it is never too late to help.

At the link you can also find some short interviews with the runners from San Patrignano and you could help them achieve this important goal.

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