San Patrignano and Rimini for: art as a way

This afternoon There has been a Presentation at the Palazzo di Podestà regarding the innovative synergic project of ‘contemporary’ and redevelopment of urban spaces with the recovery of youths for social excellence in the territory.


The San Patrignano Community is preparing to celebrate, in 2018, the 40th anniversary since its biggining. It is an important anniversary to which San Patrignano is approaching through a path that guarantees full financial sustainability to permanently pursue its business to help those most in need. A long way that, on this celebratory occasion, has crossed the purpose of the Municipal Administration of Rimini committed for years in the valorization of the city’s heritage.

A synergistic path has been opened to define a harmonic project that, through the lever of culture and art, provides an experimental mode of public-private collaboration to promote work, economic development, urban redevelopment in the name and on behalf of ‘ innovation, quality, social responsibility, and expanded participation.


Within this direction, thanks to the contribution of art experts and collectors, the San Patrignano Foundation presented today in Rimini, in the premises of Palazzo del Podestà, Fabbrica Arte Rimini, and the Palazzo dell’Arengo ,with his permanent collection of works of art by contemporary artists of greatest interest. The collection already includes a first important core of works by Beecroft, Bianchi, Busci, Cannavacciuolo, Chia, Cucchi, De Maria, Favelli, Gallo, Garutti, Isgrò, Martin, Mitoraj, Paladino, Pericoli, Pignatelli, Pistoletto, Schnabel , Spalletti, Vitali.

The Core of members of the Advisory Board is composed by Nerio Alessandri, Diana Bracco, the Mayor of the City of Rimini, Laura Colnaghi, Francesco Micheli, Gilda Moratti, Clarice Pecori Giraldi, Carlo Traglio and Anna Zegna – are expanding thanks to contacts and relationships with important artists, galleries, museums and collectors.


This initial group of works will be valued through exhibitions at prestigious cultural institutions. An exhibition is already underway at the Triennale museum of Milan and one at the Maxxi in Rome (both of 15 days in 2018).


The route that the Foundation and the City of Rimini are working on is to place in future, in a permanent form, the collections in the heart of the center of Rimini, the subject of an ambitious upgrading program being carried out by the municipal administration.

“Rimini, an imaginary perennial of nice night life and contemporaneity,” explained Letizia Moratti, co-founder of Fondazione San Patrignano, during her presentation – is also a unique art place in the world, with a heritage that in a few thousand square meters contains the synthesis of the whole history of the Italian art. The city is a focus of beauty that for some years has been enhancing through a new course in the governance of urban transformation. This strongly motivates the idea, which we want to concretize with Rimini, to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the city, through the vector of art that can be understood not only as beauty, intelligence, unconventional vision of the world, but also as a positive tool for a new way of understanding economic development and social commitment. Less invasive and impacting but above all open to the disinterested and free contribution of all “.


“The occasion of today represents the beginning of a journey – the thought of the mayor of Rimini, Andrea Gnassi – who goes in the direction of defining a new model of development, to seek in culture, creativity, creation of new spaces and a stimulating, creative, welcoming, international urban landscape. I strongly believe in the success of this work undertaken with the Foundation and above all I believe in the success of this, that perhaps today seems to be an unusual ‘experiment’ of intent between public and private, but tomorrow it could be a replicable way to enrich and value, both our country and the individual territories. ”


The presented project therefore provides that, within this process of recovering its historical, cultural and architectural identity, and together with the tension towards the contemporary, a prominent role can be covered by a new exhibition space consecrated to contemporary art, drawn up in the historic center, in two prestigious medieval buildings overlooking Piazza Cavour: Palazzo del Podestà and Palazzo dell’Arengo. Spaces that will show in future, permanently, the San Patrignano Art Collection, as well as the works of private collectors, artists and art dealers ; who, from today, can help enrich with their commitment and name this unique project in Italy, which puts in

Art: social land, development and people. It is was constructed as the palazzo of the Podestà, erected around 1330 and today the exhibition space- Fabbrica Arte Rimini, and the Palazzo dell’Arengo, built in 1204 under the Modio dè Carbonesi podestà, and later restored in 1562, 1672 and 1919-23, are already subject to a design aimed at re-qualifying the spaces and enriching the services. “What today counts – concluded Letizia Moratti and Andrea Gnassi – is the overall meaning of this project, which is obviously not the simple administrative component for its definition. The sense is that of culture, social commitment that can be practiced in an innovative way, in the valorization of a territory through art, in the opportunity that every person can grasp to help improve and enrich the places of one’s own life. From now on work begins and everyone is involved. “