San Patrignano has been rewarded three social Start-ups within the competition "Young ideas for social business" by Banca Prossima

in occasion of the Positive Economy Forum 2015 in San Patrignano.

Today in the final day of the event held at the community, Banca Prossima, through Roberto Leonardi, Secretary General of the Foundation Fits, has awarded these three projects in the support of a positive economy: “Sanacore” of Emanuela Monaco, “TruccAmiamoci” of Roberta Connola and “Wip4cOFFice” of Lara Mastrogiovanni. All three of these projects are aimed at the social sphere, trying to relaunch territories and strongly disadvantaged social groups, paying close attention to the location involved, the eco sustainability and final social impact of the project.

“TruccAmiamoci” It is a school for learning the techniques of make-up and of camouflage and aimed at people who have different problems. In addition to touching a sensitive subject such as the acceptance of oneself, offers an opportunity to people already working in health care and social rehabilitation. «It is an awareness project – explains Connola – designed to develop awareness in people be it men or women that is beyond their own difficulties or problems. Inclusion then becomes a natural process to which you associate solidarity, closeness and the caring of one another». It’s a project therefore aimed at people who have hardships in the social sphere, hospitalized patients with physical and/or motor disabilities or placed in rehabilitation projects and volunteers who want to approach the issues of aid and social support.

“Wip4cOFFice” is a comunity of co-planning online for youth and cOFFline to generate employment. «It’s a real chance of sharing of proposals for youth employment, entrepreneurship and social innovation by integrating direct funds and off-line spaces – describes Mastrogiovanni – Aims to unite the innovative solutions that an online platform offers to an activity of co-participation and awareness in cOFFice, spaces in which we analyze the needs and find collective solutions». The target to which it is addressed embraces European design experts, young people aged 13 to 18 years for awareness-raising activities, to young people aged 18 to 25 years for activities relating to the various international mobility schemes and persons from 26 to 35 years for sharing work skills and training activities within europe.

“Sanacore”, a neighborhood shop, located in one of the few green areas in the historical centre of Naples. «allows for a redevelopment of the area and will enable those involved to acquire working skills aimed to strengthen social cohesion – explained Monaco who was not able to be present in San Patrignano – The shop will be entirely handmade and will provide the necessary equipment for joinery, carpentry, ceramics, restoration and tailoring. The project is an incubator that is based on the rediscovery and enhancement of ancient crafts related to the culture of recycling. The project is focused on improving an inconvenient social fabric, paying attention to one of the social groups most affected by the economic crisis». Therefore will mostly involve young people aged from 15 to 29 years. This project arises from the need to respond to youth unemployment.