The San Patrignano method is the protagonist of an international conference in Mosco

San Patrignano arrives in Russia. The community, at the invitation of the anti-drug commission of the State Parliament of the Assembly of the Russian Federation, took part in a conference on drug addiction in Moscow. This was an important invitation to the presence of Yuri Fedotov, Director of the UNODC, a UN agency that works in the fight against drugs, and other important political leaders from around the world. After the plenary session, those present were divided into several sessions and among those, Antonio Boschini, therapeutic  doctor and manager of the community, presented the work of the community also with the use of the movie “You have to live it”, underlining how the drug problem has the same characteristics even in different geographical areas, so that the integral recovery and models like that of San Patrignano, have values and have worked everywhere, because a person’s work on himself on his personal problems, is the key . An intervention that has caught great attention: “We are considered the forerunners, if not inspirational, to a certain type of approach of the problem, one oriented to the recovery and not to the reduction of the problem- says Doc. Boschini – An approach that finds a growing interest throughout Europe not only in the therapeutic communities, but also at the level of public health, an area that until recently was completely oriented towards the reduction of the problem only “.