San Patrignano guest at the United Nation on 26 June in New York

In the world day against drugs, the Europeans largest community intervenes at the United Nations.

On the occasion of the world day against drugs on June 26, the community of San Patrignano will be in New York City, host of the United Nations, to celebrate its commitment to recovery from addiction.

The community, recognized since 1997 as an NGO with consultative status inside the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, was invited to the headquarters of the UN to talk about its experience in recovery and prevention. It is home to 1,300 people, it is free and is currently the most important anti-drug center in Europe.

San Patrignano is increasingly active in the international debate on drug addiction, chosen by many countries as a model in the fight against drugs. Indeed the community will inaugurate a new association in London the 26th of July. It is part of a new European network RUN, created by ‘EURAD NGOs to support common anti-drug policies throughout Europe.

Letizia Moratti, who will be present at the UN as ambassador of the community says: “In the World Day it is important to give a message of hope against drugs: you can get away from drugs. To do this is easy. We just need more and more international collaborations between Governments and NGOs working in the field. It’s crucial to publicize and replicate the best experiences. For this reason, San Patrignano was in Qatar to give birth to a new reality in support of drug addicts. It has hosted foreign delegations from the Russians to the Chinese, the Americans to the Croats, interested in discovering its method of recovery “.

Also on 26 of July, through its network of prevention WeFree, San Patrignano will be present in several foreign countries, from Colombia to Canada, from Portugal to Germany.

Two major events are also organized in Italy. In Rome, in the district of San Basilio, there will be a meeting with young people and the associations of Termini Underground, Countarella Dance, in collaboration with the Cultural Centers of Rome and Casa del Jazz.

The seat of San Patrignano in Rimini will host TiraDritto-Stop cocaine, the project created by the journalist Paolo Berizzi to counter the spread of drugs with talkstreet. At 14.30 together with Berizzi, there will be the former world champion lightweight Domenico “Mirko” Valentino for a meeting-debate on the spread of drugs, drug trafficking, its innumerable victims and therefore the importance of legality.

Since 1978, San Patrignano have hosted, completely free of charge, more than 20,000 people, offering them a home, health care and legal assistance, the possibility to study, to learn a job and to came back completely reintegrated into society at the end of the path to recovery.