San Patrignano at the final conference of EASE Project

An innovative approach to address the challenge of work integration of disadvantaged people. It is the European Project EASE-Empowerment Approaches and Social Enterprise, to which San Patrignano Community participates along with another nine partners from Sweden, France, England, Spain and Norway. The final Conference of the project was held in recent days in Grasse (Provence) with the presence of a delegation from the community.
The EASE Project is part of one of the largest networks within the Social Economy in Europe and offers an innovative approach to address one of the biggest challenges today: the sustainable integration of people who are outside the labour market. The goal is to create new social enterprises, based on empowerment and entrepreneurship. The partners represent large and small social organizations that operate in the field of disadvantaged groups. New business ideas and innovation skills were discussed and exchanged in various seminars and conferences. San Patrignano is also the source of the model that has inspired both Basta and the other partner Jegersberg Gård from Norway. In Grasse, finally, some creations from the project “Barrique, the third life of wood” were shown in an exhibition about up-cycling. in_evidenza comunicati