Milan’s renowned Piccolo theatre hosting once again San Patrignano’s Dante Inferno 2.0

The Community Theater ensemble together with Sanpagroup Band

In a Chorus and solo piece inspired by the great poet


“If you dream alone, it’s just a dream. If you dream together, it is reality that begins. ”

This is how the new show of the San Patrignano Theater ensemble, entitled “Dante’s Inferno 2.0″, is due to debut at the Piccolo Theatre of Milan on Thursday the 28th of September 2017 at 19.30.

On stage are the residents of SanPatrignano, members of the Artistic Pole; the original music of Nicola Rosti performed live by the SanpaGroup Band.

Love and hate, sorrow and joy, condemnation and salvation, forgiveness and hope; These are the subjects to be investigated during the journey,

a path of knowledge faced with body and soul.

The show is presented by Pascal La Delfa’s direction, he has also composed the dramatic re-adaptation of the work.

The event is made possible thanks to the support of BMW Italia and Fondazione Silvio Tronchetti Provera,

who has been supporting the residents members of the theatrical company ever since.

The choir and the solo is our way of making theater, now consolidated, the expressive form we present, distinguishes us in the national theater scene”

explains Patrizia Russi, Project Manager of the San Patrignano theatrical ensemble. 2.0 is a virtual metaphor for placing this production in the current scene,

contemporary with the life of the soul. “What happens in the reality of the residents of St. Patrignano,

involved in the theatrical activity within the community during their recovery path, relies on the universal themes that the great poet has already tackled in his works,

” adds Pascal La Delfa.


A direct reference to Dante’s imagination, it leads to the crossing of dimensions, as from sleep to dream, on a path to the ‘true ways’ abandoned in the dark forest.

At the same time, the narrative goes from dream to sign, where the latter is the polyvalent sign of vision, intuition, or the illumination of ecstasy.

Hell celebrates the human walk, the measure and pace of the steps, the foot and its shape.

On the way, on our way, to count our steps, to rise if we fall, walking to remain standing, going towards ourselves to meet again,

being able to face the risk of not overcoming the test.

Director Pascal La Delfa has for years been involved in social theater for situations of discomfort and prevention and theatrical release.

He is the founder of the National School for “Theater Operators of special needs people” that this year has 10 years of activity.


The artistic center of San Patrignano

The Artistic Pole of San Patrignano was born with the aim of creating a single coordination of theater, dance, music and singing workshops dedicated to boys and girls of the community,

it’s the result of years of commitment to offer cultural activities that intersect with the recovery program from drug addiction.

The desire to create an area devoted to the various forms of art, comes from the awareness that art and culture can be additional tools of growth and self-knowledge.

This activity, of great cultural and educational value, has allowed the theater ensemble of San Patrignano to start in 2012,

having performed with prominent appearances in the main Italian theaters.

The active laboratories currently are four: Theater, dance, music and singing.

The number of people involved in the activities are around 100, the number rises to different stages or events that require costume workshops, stage workshops and audio / light service.