San Patrignano and Cocoricò together for "Sober Fun"

San Patrignano and Cocoricò in support of sober fun. Tomorrow June 26th, world day in the fight against drugs, the auditorium of the community will be transformed into the most important nightclub in Italy and 16th in the world rankings, giving the opportunity to 1300 residents to go wild. To keep them entertained some of the top DJs internationally, such as Claudio Coccoluto, Luca Agnelli and Massimino Lippoli. A party from 15.00 to 18.00 with the sound of the “Pyramid” and cocktails at zero grade achieved by same bartenders of Cocoricò. In addition to this you will see the animation of Tunga and videos and the light effects of the disco itself.

«On a day so important to us, we chose to put an emphasis on healthy fun, explainsAntonio Tinelli, coordinatore of the social committee guiding San Patrignano – We are the largest community in Euope and thats why we turned to the ultimate in expression within the national territory, within walking distanceof our house, one of the historic landmarks for young peoplein terms of nightlife. Cocoricò has embraced our proposal fully, becoming totallly involved in this project, and we thank them for providing us with much of the material for the day, from the sound system, to givimg t-shirts to 1500 boys, the glasses and the ingredients for cocktails. An important event for our cause, because most of the residents of the community have experienced the reality of nightclubs as a moment of maximum transgression. A world in which no doubt they will return to confront once they’ve left the community and therefore we believe it is useful to show that while attending the premises, it is not necessary to resort to getting high for having fun. I’m sure the boys will still go wild to the beats of these DJs and hopefully our message may exceed the boundaries of the community».

Cementing this initiative from the part of Cocoricò, wsa Fabrizio De Meis: «We accepted the invitation that San Patrignano offered us with great enthusiasm. Promoting healthy and safe fun elevates the work carried out in recent years by Cocoricò, both from an artistic and safety point of view in contrast to the excesses of getting high. Having fun is wonderfully normal, being normal means being specific, of your limits and your potemtial outside the fiction of the seudo man made pleasures without controls of the defects and excesses. The party that we will create along with the residents of the community. will turn the spotlight on energy and creativity, transforming them into music and dance. To be “naturally high” without the need for substances to explode with vitality. Having fun is simply the joy of living.

The DJ Claudio Coccoluto requested especially to be present at the event: «Fun should not need additives to enhance its positive message. Unfortunately some social and political ideas , wrongly view, a good night out as having to be associated with transgression, having to be high to have super-fun, we must change these ideas and promote fun as being healthy and responsible. All the drugs in the world couldn’t add up to 1 milligram of the endorphines released when I’m having a good time with friends, when I listen to the music I like, when I dance. Getting high isn’t cool, it’s people who don’t know how to be with others, enjoy the music and dance. For too long there was distance between the worlds of fun and ‘ institutional ‘. Tomorrow’s event is a terrific thing: we are breaking the chain that has given having fun a negative conotation and we do it with a de facto collaboration».

To support the event Maurizio Pasca, president of Silb: «Promoting safe and healthy is fun has been a long time a primary goal of our association. For many years, we have work closely with the youth, addressing constantly the limits and weaknesses of a generation that suffers from an obvious lack of values and positive role models. For this reason, I welcome with great enthusiasm the San Patrignano Community initiative which, once again, an idelible path in favor of healthy and safe fun for children. Young people today need certainty and solid foundations, which we certainly do presume that we can offer. Raise awareness among the most vulnerable of our clients, that Yes, however, we can and must do so by virtue of the responsibility that we feel we have as entrepreneurs of the nightclubs towards our local goers. The participation of Cocoricò in the initiative can only be a great example of this».

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