The return of Simone

His journey ended on Friday the 8th of January, to the applause, hugs and tears of his family and those who were close to him.
Simone, who is twenty one years, said “when I arrived I had little conviction and a lot of difficulties”.
As a result of his young age, he had quickly became the baby of the group.
The transformation of Simone saw tiring moments in his first year and there were many times when he wanted to give up.
“There were days where I thought I didn’t have enough strength to carry out my plans for redemption”.
“I missed my family and saw everything as a restriction” – Simone recalls, “Luckily I had outstanding people beside me, who have never failed to remind me why I was here and at the same time gave me support”.

Slowly I assumed my responsibilities and step by step I had the satisfaction of becoming a reference to the other guys who have come after me. In a small way, I tried to teach to them what I had first learnt here”
On his last day there was a big party waiting for Simone, because the boy returned home as a man and he had earned this moment
Everyone in the graphics and audiovisual sectors met, supervisors and friends came together to celebrate by singing some of his favorite songs. They prepared a farewell story of his journey here at Sanpa,as well reminding him about his most significant moments, but more his difficulties that he had overcame.

Simoncino(a nickname given by his friends here at Sanpa) and his family were visibly moved, thanks to all of those who were present and with whom he shared his struggles, “In the past I have always seen others get to this point and I have always wonder what this feeling would be like.
“It’s a great feeling. Sanpa gave me a strong belief in education and ultimately allowed me to finally finish school and helped me to reconcile with myself and with my family and these things I hold dearly to this day. I will never forget this experience”.
“This positive experience of Simone is commendable in the restoration project of the community built by Muccioli.
Many young people that come to San Patrignano, through provisions of the courts or the help of families, come here to redirect their owns lives before the drug produces consequences too difficult to recover. Welcome back Simone!