The results of the workshops

In the afternoon of the first day of Positive Economy Forum 2015 have drawn some conclusions from the workshop held the day before in San Patrignano around themes of family businesses, microcredit and the University of the 21° century.
Family businesses: the long period as a natural element of patient capital
“With regard to family businesses – summed up Donato Iacovone, Ceo of EY,Italy – we have shown great strength during the crisis and represent a real wealth for our country given the high turnover that they faithfully support. The workshop, organized with the help of AIAF, highlighted that 300 businesses belong to Families.
“Characteristic aspects that made these companies from 2007 to 2012 were: continuity in production and income protection and entrepreneurship. All are based on success factors such as patient capital in the medium term and the ability to distinguish the roles between shareholders and management. Iacovone has also stated how important it is to go into a second selection characteristics: “another important aspect is the presence of external independent persons in order to have neutral ideas and proposals. The two objectives we have set ourselves after this meeting are security and development to establish the ability to stick together, motivating, go in the same direction and enhance the resources.
We must enable a vision beyond our generation, with a look to the future and with a sense of responsibility for society in continuous evolution and the sustainability of employees who believe Primarily in Their enterprise.” fundamentally it must be the size of the enterprise because the Italy is too small to be able to compete with oter bigger countries, there is need of investment to support a real competition. Absolutely indispensable are the sources of funding that can be as diverse as self-financing, funding from the shareholders of the company, and last but not least important banks.
In order to create we need to focus on the talent, the resources you have and innovation involving an opening and a change of mindset.
Positive University of the 21st century
No less exhaustive was the intervention of Stepheno Paleari, President of the Conference of Rectors of Italian universities, which has placed at the center the need for Positive University’s into the 21st century which holds that it is much more important a social rather than technological innovation. Through a final report Paleari explained what are the proposals to improve the Italian University system which must be United and not separate.
“The University must be first and foremost a social and open institution, but not a Government. The University must be creative and give freedom to the students. Also positive is the University ethics and rights and duties must co-exist. Crucial is the role which the University facilities must play, having more experience and less lectures. In addition, the individual must be in addition motivated, valued and not depersonalized. Two elements that must coexist are effectiveness and efficiency. Also will promoted the Erasmus project because it’s crucial the introduction of foreigners in the structures. Because we focus on quality and not on quantity. The University must represent an actual path that must accompany the kids to experience it in all its continuity.”
Finally the President concluded by stressing the difference between student and teacher roles: “there are those who teach and who acquire. After his experience here in San Patrignano today I feel a little bit like a student “.
Microcredit for the positive economy
Richard Graziano, General Secretary of the microcredit agency stressed the positive impact of microcredit on social finance. “An important goal achieved in recent years is the doubling of the amount financed and the possibilities that are offered to individual. With the Capacity building project, the national initiative developed with European funding, the aim is to establish regulations, define and enhance the primary regulations for micro-credit that is lacking in quality of services/accessories. Aspects ranging in depth are the initial funding providers and professionals “tutors” who will follow the person in the development of the project. It’s really important that it is able to develop business ventures “.

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