Promote peace processes to facilitate the processes of positive economy

During the second day of the debate Positive Economy Forum on positive peacekeeping opens with the speech of Mauro Del Vecchio, General, Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan and Fouad Makhzoumi, Managing Director of Pipe Industries and founder of the Makhzoumi Foundation, an NGO that supports development of civil society in Lebanon.
The maintenance of peace and security in international relations are important for the success of an economy is positive, in that regard, General Mauro Del Vecchio explains how different peacekeeping activities, “through which it intervenes in various emergency situations, economic, social and political influences in different places and moments. ” The humanitarian act is mainly in countries characterized by internal conflicts, instability and lack of authority, trying to contribute to the reconstruction of security systems, infrastructure and institutions, as well as to the maintenance of international peace, for a positive social and economic stabilization for the long-term.
Fouad Makhzoumi defines the process of creating a security policy such as the combination of the forces of peace and economic investment to rebuild the nation through the work of young people in conflict areas. «Create the conditions for a positive peace in countries characterized by poverty and fundamentalist movements, means offering new perspectives for the future of young people, making them participate in decisions of the country, showing a different reality, an alternatives to violence. “ comunicati lh_15