Where the future takes root

Klorane in support of the recovery community: an olive tree for life. An ethical project of rebirth and sustainability. A commitment done together for others and for nature. Has a duration of four years “An olive tree for life”, the initiative launched in 2015 which, for the first time sees Klorane and San Patrignano together. With the new project “An olive tree for life” Klorane Italy donates to San Patrignano 1000 new plants for olive oil. Being an historic cultivation of the hilly territory in which the Community is located. It is expected, over four years, the construction of approximately 3 hectares of new plants, recovering surfaces now uncultivated, already destined to form meadows and pastures, and confining portions of unused land. Link site an olive tree for life. The evolutions of the project will be narrated in the www.ulivoperlavita.it blog that publishes monthly words, pictures, images and video contributions.