Prevention is what San Patrignano provides to fight substance abuse.

The drug problem in Italy is ever increasing.

The community of San Patrignano stays updated on all the latest statistical data regarding the use and consumption of drugs in Italy.

Just in the year 2013, Italians have spent 6.5 billion euros on cocaine, 4 billion on cannabis, 1.9 billion on heroin and 1.7 billion on other types of drugs.

Approximately there are 6.1 million cannabis users within national territory; 1.1 million, consumers of cocaine; 218,000 using heroin and 591,000 are those who use other chemical substances, such as Ecstasy, LSD or amphetamines.

The data shows that the problem related to the use of drugs is important and is a major topical in our society.

San Patrignano operates actively throughout the country with the WeFree project to prevent and educate young people against the use of drugs.