Prevention. Four meetings in two days at the ITI Rimini High School, between students and residents of San Patrignano.

Sara Neri: “The residents of San Patrignano have the upper hand when it comes to moving students’ heart”


Wefree has organized two new meetings of prevention from the Community of San Patrignano in schools. Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th, of February, from 9H to 13H, the residents of Sanpa will be at the Istituto Tecnico Industriale “Da Vinci” Rimini, to see the series of meetings of “Munchies” edited by the principle Sara Neri.


Sara Neri, “As a teacher, I believe a lot in education and the human role in the school. Having the residents of San Patrignano is a unique experience, which is worth a thousand theoretical notions about drugs and their effects. The residents of San Patrignano have the upper hand when it comes to moving students’ heart. First they tell us their experiences in life, and then they answer questions coming from the audience. This is the time when students open up and seem to ask for a comparison on common experiences that they are living at that moment”.


Ivan, Michela and Marco are the three residents of Sanpa that will recount their lives during the four meetings, in a face-to-face approach with students. The story creates a special dialogue, a passage of experiences that can help students understand the false illusion sold by the drug and to share in the insecurities and uncertainties that every teenager experiences.


“What will be heard by the 400 boys and girls of the third, fourth and fifth grade, which is the last years of High School, are true stories, exciting and thought-provoking – continues Sara Neri – being both unique and valuable to them. When I thought about the “Munchies” project I wanted to bring out the educational role of the school, which is crucial. I hope that youths can understand that ‘trying’ a substance is the first step towards a really difficult road.”