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Brussels, June, 26, 2013 – On the occasion of the International Day against Drug Abuse, a new network for former drug users is being launched across Europe. Initially set up by former drug users and the organisations supporting them, the vision of RUN is to raise the voice of the recovery movement, by contributing to constructive and respectful drug policies, for individuals, families and communities.

“We seek to give a political voice to recovered drug users and their organisations showing that recovery is possible, we will promote recovery as a viable and sustainable option, for both the individual and for society” – says Boro Goic, President of Celebrate Recovery, Bosnia and Herzegovinia.

Fay Watson EURAD Secretary General adds “RUN will promote the social integration of recovered drug users in areas such as employment, housing and health, as we find across Europe these more intensive services for drug users are not being adequately provided”.

Building a more comprehensive approach to Drugs Policy RUN advocates for recovery-oriented policies in International, European and national political forums demonstrating how recovery can counteract the wider harm caused by drug use to individuals, families and communities.

RUN is now seeking new members to join the network, and encourage both organisations supporting drug users in recovery, as well as former drug users to join at this time. No fee is required and to join, all that is needed is to send your contact e-mail address to

RUN will host an event in the European Parliament on 2nd October 2013 on the need to address drug user’s wider social needs. Members signing up to RUN now will receive a free invitation to this exclusive event.

About EURAD:
EURAD is a European non profit drug policy Foundation that advocates a prevention and recovery oriented drug policy at national and international level. EURAD has a governing Council and dozens of affiliated organisations and experts. Our field of work is primarily to follow the drug policy agenda of the EU and the UN and to join the debate about the future of drug policies.
Fay Watson
Secretary General
☎ 00 32 27367351 or 00 32 476967060 (GSM)

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