"Manifesto against the dictatorship of the GDP"

Already signed by Letizia Moratti, Jacques Attali, Kerry Kennedy and Stefano Zamagni, its intent is to be a tool to sustain the patient capitalism.

At the 2017 PEF we will talk about agriculture, tourism and positive cities.
“I think the main legacy of these two days is the awareness and the validity of the areas contained in the agenda 2014-2015 that also remains this year important to have decisive action from the institutions. The person, finance, contribution to the Economy, public administration and the environment must be at the center of political and economic considerations for each country”. Letizia Moratti, co-founder of the San Patrignano Foundation, concluded the two days of Positive Economy Forum in San Patrignano, an event dedicated to the Positive Economy made possible thanks to partners like Banca Carim, Aon and BMW Italy.

Two important days of analysis on a positive economy. “Among the many conclusions we wanted to bring to light a theme we discussed in the previous years, which unfortunately has not yet been implemented and refers to the index of positivity in economy. For this reason, today we launch the guidelines of a “Manifesto against the dictatorship of GDP ”.

A document already signed by Letizia Moratti, also by Jacques Attali, Kerry Kennedy and Professor Stefano Zamagni, which is based on three key points for the future: “We’d like them to be evaluated as complementary tools to the GDP in calculating the level of welfare in the national economy, which includes assets derived from volunteering to be included in the calculation of gross domestic product, reflecting the economic contribution offered by these realities to the national economy. Finally, European institutions should abolish the evaluation of the proceeds from illegal activities in the calculation of gross domestic product by Eurostat”.
“This document was created to encourage the spread of a patient capitalism – as stated – to oppose the short-term capitalism that has failed to provide all the necessary responses to a crisis in the global financial economy. A manifesto that focuses on an idea of positive Economy made for the good and prosperity of future generations. Positive Economy is all that Companies, governments, schools and universities, NGOs, territories and civil societies can do to prepare a better future for those who will come after us”.

The Manifesto depicts a complementary tool to the GDP to develop the concept of positive economy, consolidating and giving valuable feedback to ensure a future for the next generations. “That’s why I hope many people will want to sign it in support of an idea that must finally find concreteness”, concluded Moratti.
It was a Positive Economy Forum that in conclusion has already wanted to look to the new edition. “There is no doubt that the event will return in 2017 – has underlined Antonio Tinelli, coordinator of the Social Committee of the Community – and the focus will be on three topics such as agriculture, tourism and the good city.”

Download the ”Guidelines for a Manifesto against the GDP Dictatorship” (in pdf or in doc).