Positive Economy Forum in support of patient capitalism

“Aggressive capitalism has marked the finance and economy of this historical period, we would oppose with a ‘patient’ capitalism based on the principles in respect for the youth and to all those countries when using negative economy.” Jaques Attali, President of Planet Positive Foundation spoke today at the opening of the third annual Positive Economy Forum, in San Patrignano, Italy did not place well in the rankings in Europe. “Positive economics is the thinking of the future for next generations. At stake is the future of our children. Over the past three years, through our positive economic indicators, demographic, social and family policy, the quality of infrastructure and finance, we measured the positive index of all countries-OECD unfortunately Italy, in this special classification occupies the last place “.

In this regard, Letizia Moratti, co-founder of the San Patrignano foundation, underlined the roles municipalities must take: “In 2050, there will be almost 6 billion people living in cities around the world. “The city – she added- can and should play a vital role in asserting a new model of economic and social development. The time has come for change.” Hence the thought to its Milan: “I hope that my hometown, Milan, may be the first to adopt the positive economic indexes, which are positive indicators that measure the performance of cities in relation to finance, education, positive participation and the positive use of resources when municipals investment in the integration of young people, care for the elderly and the air quality.”

A movement towards positive economic, must be global, as pointed out by Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, UN High Representative for the Alliance of civilizations: “we need to be resilient when the development of society, to cope with both technological innovation, cultural, and problems that arise. The first 15 years of this Millennium left us stunned both from the growth capacity of nations and that of many negative events, from disease to the movement of populations, climate change, terrorism. One solution is the spread of a culture of partnership between a European reality, State and municipalities as well as between the State and private individuals who must work together and help each other. All countries should address all issues with fairness and efficiency: the economy is the first step for change. To do this it is important to follow the Onu 2030 agenda “.
The Positive Economy Forum that will continue throughout the day with an awards evening, special awards being presented to Kerry Kennedy – President of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights, named after her father Robert Francis Kennedy; the designer Brunello Cucinelli, Founder of Brunello Cucinelli and Federica Foundation; Antonella Antonelli, editor of Marie Claire Italy and Chairman of The Circle. Unfortunately Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia will not be able to join the event this year.

Tomorrow on the final day between the various presenters Gian Luca Galletti, Minister of environment, protection of land and sea, Luigi Bobba, Parliamentary Secretary for labour and social policies, Stefano Zamagni, Chairman of the gift Foundation ONLU Italy and Professor of Economics at the University of Bologna and Johns Hopkins University, Flavio Valeri, Chief Country Officer of Deutsche Bank and Sido Baloch Chairman of Banca Carim. pef_16