Positive economics at the service of young people

Inside the San Patrignano WeFree Forum of October 9, dedicated to the future of young people, two people under 30 years of age have come to share their successful experiences in the business world, both from the very start to how they reached excellent international results achieved.

Anna Fiscale, a 27 year old from Verona, who established in 2013 a social cooperative, Quid, who created fixed-term and indeterminate employment contracts for 20 women from jail, prostitution, single mothers or with disabilities. Her project retrieves kilometers of waste fabrics from famous Italian brands and stores them in a warehouse waiting be made into cloths and accesories, ehere by two young students from a nearby fashion school come to create a collection. The cooperative within a year was able to double its turnover, from 300,000 to 600,000 euro. In addition to a store in Verona the clothes and accessories are sold in various shops throughout Northern Italy in a special corner called “ethical fashion”. Anna explains the success of Quid: “If you want a social enterprise to be competitive, the services provided must be of a high quality.”

Antonello Nakleh is instead, one of the guys who ended a recovery path in San Patrignano, and that thanks to a microcredit a loan of $25000 euros without a sponsor, opened the innovative canine centre Villa Drusilia, which also includes one of the most successful Italian shelters for these animals, with out any boxes or cages. Nakleh speaks of how important it was that he had the passion, “when as a teenager studied to be a mechanic I didn’t know what I wanted. My training got me a great job, but I was dissatisfied, and not knowing what to do I took refuge in drugs. Along the way I discovered, in community, a new passion for dogs, that inspired me to start an activity that is now a new movement in dog care which is spreading and could become franchises.”

Anna Fiscale at the Wefree Days

Antonello Nakleh at the Wefree Days

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