Pope Francesco against drugs, “deadly form of slavery”

The Pontifical Academy of Science held a hearing in support of young people and their families ruined by drug trafficking.


Pope Francesco against drug trafficking in defense of the families and their children. The Pontiff, who knows well about the drug problem having lived and worked in Argentina in a small community of drug addicts among the shacks of villa miserias, doesn’t hesitate when asked to give his point of view on the matter. At the hearing in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on “Narcotics: problems and solutions of this worldwide scourge”, it has been stressed that drugs and drug trafficking is a drama to be tackled with great determination. Defining it as “a form of sophisticated slavery.” The Pope stresses the need to fit in the meshes of that immense network that in poor countries is called drug trafficking and in the West turns into Mafia.


A concern on the part of the Pontiff affecting mostly young ones, who are ruined not only by the classic drugs but also by synthetic substances, “devastating chemical compounds. “It’s a problem that affects the entire planet; that is equally ruining both, producing and consuming countries. “To think of my homeland three decades ago, it was a country of transit, then of consumption and now it’s somewhat at the level of production.”

By UNODC data:

One out of twenty people, aged between 15 to 64 years, has used an illicit drug at least once, for a total of 246 million individuals. Data showing an increase of three million people over the previous year.

Traffic is increasing in all continents: opium has its country in Afghanistan and the income of poppy cultivation that is actually increasing, which finances terrorism of the Taliban besides creating addiction, violence and insecurity; the Balkans are the main transit corridors for heroin which then branches out in all directions; in North America there is more than 40 per cent of global cocaine use, the major producers are Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, where violence and poverty overflow.


Also speaking at the hearing is Queen Silvia of Sweden, founder of the “World Childhood Foundation” that works to improve the living conditions of children around the world and an honorary member of the Mentor Foundation, the Chancellor of the Academy Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, who works against drugs.