At the NY marathon the San Patrignano running team is faster than ever

For the fifth consecutive time the San Patrignano running team, has managed to get to the bottom of the competition and cut the finish line of the Central Park

Central Park did not only find the goal so much desired and dreamed after months of hard workouts. But something more important: the awareness that with dedication and consistency, nothing is impossible, even dropping the drug behind and starting a new life. On Sunday, November the 5th, members of the San Patrignano running team succeeded in running and completing the 47th edition of the New York marathon. A challenge that the Community’s Running Team has achieved for the fifth consecutive time thanks to the project “Beyond the Goal” supported by Cimberio, Banca Carim and Kappa.

Over their heads the New York sky and under their feet the 42 most famous km of the world. The members of the San Patrignano Running Team have dealt with them with determination and method, but above all they have devoted themselves to the race having found a form of freedom and redemption.

In New York, among the members of the team, there were “veterans”, but also boys who, at the end of their program, have faced for the first time, the famous competition. A surprise appreciated by everyone, the best record has come from one of them who, only a few years ago, would never have imagined being protagonist and winner of such an important challenge. He is Filippo Ardesi who led the San Patrignano running team by closing the race in 2 hours and 49 minutes. Behind him, at 2nd place was Enrico Benedetti with 2 hours and 57 minutes. Sebastiano Povoli has, on the other hand, finished the trip in 3 hours and 6, while Matteo Barani in 3 hours and 57 minutes. Michelangelo Parmigiani finished the course in 4 hours and 25 while Stefano Folco and Virginio Albertino cut the finish at the same time collecting a record of 4 hours and 42 minutes.