November the 28th is Giving Tuesday

This is a tradition, now consolidated, set up in 2012 in America has now spread worldwide as an oil stain.


It was born as an answer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as an alternative, against the outrageous consumerism. Giving Tuesday is a day to give, a day of high aspirations to support the work of those who do good to others, to the world, to the environment or simply to remember that giving is beautiful.


The Giving Tuesday is an invitation to donate in the broadest sense of the term, “Each of us has so much to donate,” this is the message. Not necessarily money donations: you can give time, hope, help, a place on the bus, a tweet, a smile.


November the 28th will be a day when the whole world joins in one act of good.

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A path into the feminine ways


The Community of San Patrignano is Europe’s largest recovery center and hosts over 1,300 residents in a totally free form, without asking anything to the residents, their families and the state. San Patrignano offers them a home, health and legal assistance, the ability to study, learn a job, and fully re-enter society at the end of their recovery path.


Once entered in San Patrignano, the residents are involved in a training sector, where, besides learning a job, they learn how to deal with their fears.


The training sectors are more than 50 and among them there’s the laundry. It is a fundamental sector because it takes care of the clothing of the whole community, so of the care of every resident. But it is an even more important for the girls themselves, all having dependency problems, where there they improve, confronting each other, followed by educators, taking every day new responsibilities, thus finding their lost serenity.


Among these girls there’s Aurora, wavy brown hair, intense brown eyes hidden behind eyeglasses. Her story is as follows.


“The most beautiful memories of my childhood have my father in them, in fact he’s the most important man in my life. Ever since a child I passed my afternoons with him, in his mechanical workshop, and the rumors I heard on his account that he was a drug addict did not touch the love I felt. Thinking about his addiction to me it had become normal, because even if it wasn’t sober, even if under the effects of substances, he was my father, the center of my life. I started to smoke the first joints in an almost responsible manner, I made rules, I believed that wasn’t a drug. My father was not always there, sometimes he disappeared for months, I comforted myself with boyfriends as paternal figures that I was missing so much. Then once 15 years I had my first experience with heavier substances and that was the beginning of a dependence that had become indispensable for me to face the solitude of all my days. At 17 I ran away from home, but my father, who had entered San Patrignano, managed to find me. He invited me to the community and my first visit was a surprise. I had never seen my father sober in my life, he had never spoken to me like that. He wanted me to et into the community, he didn’t want me to stay in on the streets. He was sorry to leave San Patrignano before he had finished his program, but if I wasn’t going to get in, he would have left.


The decision was not simple. I thought about staying a couple of months to San Patrignano just to please my father, could have been a compromise. Then once 18 I would have access to a fund left by my grandmother and I would take my life back leaving.


Since then, two years have passed and I’m still in community. I resumed my studies and in the afternoon I work in the laundry. Here I immerse myself in that scent of fresh and clean linen that has filled my life so much. ”


Currently in the laundry, there are 37 girls like Aurora. They take care of washing and ironing for all of the residents’ clothes. They have their own daily programming, which is divided between school and work. Many are 18 or younger and for them a diploma is a real goal, a goal to be achieved with many sacrifices.


Thanks to your support, other girls like Aurora will be able to follow a recovery program, resume interrupted studies, and face the future with new eyes.

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