Note San Patrignano Community: found Gianclaudio Marengo

The young man is in good health and was hospitalized for precautionary check ups and for dehydration. The community would like to thank the Embassy and the Italian Consulate and American law enforcement, for their quick work and collaboration.
It should be noted that Gianclaudio was not suffering from any mental disorder, was not subjected to psychiatric treatment or placed on any kind of pharmaceuticals. He is certainly a fragile person, vulnerable, and very emotional who after years of drug abuse had found an opportunity for recovery in San Patrignano. He was in the community for more than three years, engaged in carpentry workshop where he was realizing his professional dreams. In running, a sport enjoyed by many young people in the community, he had discovered a new passion, so great that the community decided to reward it by putting him in the San Patrignano Running Team, that for the last three years have participated in the New York City Marathon. A few months ago had been to visit his family for the first time.

The Adventures of Gianclaudio

A story with a happy ending that of Gianclaudio Marengo. The San Patrignano community resident had disappeared at the end of the New York City Marathon and was found after almost 36 hours this morning in the Big Apple.
The 30-year-old presented himself at a police station after being recognized by a passerby who had seen him on the news. Gianclaudio, hospitalized for check ups as a precaution at the Presbyterian hospital in Southern Manhattan, thanks to the medical team he has already recovered substantially and is in good humor. Reached by Antonio Boschini, Therapeutic manager of the San Patrignano and its running team and will be leaving with him with a direct flight to Milan Malpensa.
Gianclaudio said that during the race he had lost the note with the directions of how to take the subway back to the hotel. For this reason when he had reached the finish line he did not know where to go, deciding to remain in the area hoping to meet someone whom he knew. It was not to be and after having pizza for dinner he slept on the streets. The next day he went to the airport hoping to meet teammates, but not having the documents could not stay at the airport and went back to Manhattan, where he also spent a second night on the streets. Luckily this morning he bump into someone who knew him and they help him to get to a police station and some much needed help.