A necessary reaction to criminal organizations to curb the drug phenomenon

Today in San Patrignano, for the WeFree days 2015, Durnagol, spoke at the Forum entitled “drugs, how much it costs ua – the social and economic impact of addiction”, moderated by Luigi Ripamonti, journalist of the Corriere della Sera.

A Turkish Prosecutor dealing with juvenile justice spoke about the mixture between drugs, terrorism and organized crime, and how this relationship affects global social stability. “It’s a perverse attempt to promote a culture of corruption worldwide, says Durnagol – promoting dependence on substances and diverting legitimate funds and capital, including through fake charities. To do this criminal and terrorist organizations are increasingly United in the goal of creating damage and social instability”. The magistrate pointed out similarities and differences between terrorist groups and organized crime, explaining why drugs may become increasingly the connection between the two worlds: “Criminal organizations, according to a study commissioned by the United Nations, are groups of three or more people who work with the aim of committing serious crimes in order to get the most profit possible. Terrorist groups, instead, act according for political or religious reason, with the intention to overthrow the established political order. However, as clearly emerges in both cases they resort to violence as a tool of intimidation. Assassinations, abductions and extortion bring harm especially to the civilian population and in particular, although for different reasons, the target is young people. Either way you look at young people with the aim of recruiting and exploitation. To terrorist organisations it is also a strategic issue because making young people slaves to drugs causes enormous harm to society which is their ultimate aim. The drugs makes women incapable of being reproductive, you cannot play a healthy role in a social context, in addition to the costs that are forcing the State in terms of subsidies, cures, imprisonment and offences against property”. Engin Durnagol concluded the interview expressing his views on behalf of the international institutions, emphasizing “the social threat that the synergy between these organizations is bringing on a global level.”

Engin Durnagol at the Wefree days

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