The national volleyball star Salvatore Rossini visiting San Patrignano

After arriving at about 3pm, he first visited some sectors of the community and then stopped at the gym to chat with the boys in the community’s volleyball team that are participating in the CIS Championship. Here, along with the coach of San Patrignano team, Elisa Balducci, joked with the players showing them how they should dip to make a proper reception.

It was the player himself who had chosen to come and visit the community: “I had already been last year with the national team and it had been a emotional visit. Even when talking with my team mates, we were all pleasantly surprised by the community and I think it was a visit that touched many of us.

Then when I’d arrived in Modena I met Antonello, a guy who did the program in San Patrignano, living proof of what this place was capable of doing. So when he invited me to do a more thorough visit, I did not hesitate to came back”.
An opportunity for Salvatore to also bring as a gift to the residents a national team jersey and a Modena team jersey autographed by all the players who won last year’s Italian championship.

Before returning home, Rossini would like to wish the San Patrignano team well on having a better season than last, highlighting the intrinsic value of sport for everyone: “Certainly being part of a team you begin to compare yourself with fellow team mates and gives you something extra that can help you understand life outside the gym. For this same reason I believe that volleyball can be really important for kids who want to start over like happens here in San Patrignano”.

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